What if we could touch the moon?

The way the moon touches us?

Space and the Stars may be the final frontier for man, but for us the Moon is our first inspiration.

Giving birth to our creativity, our sense of timeless mystery, serenity, and beauty.

Waxing and waning, slipping into darkness, returning in glorious light.

Drawing the ocean tides, triggering our timeless celestial memory.

The moon is more than simply an orb in the night sky. It is texture and contrast, a mirror for the light of the sun. Shape, texture, and light are the essence of what we do.

We inhale in its light, and exhale a tiny sliver of it, for you, a lunar lover, too.

At Moonframe, we promise you the moon.


Who are we ?

The team

Moonframe is a small team of two passionate Belgian designers whose ambition is to bring the moon into every home, in a tangible and artistic way. Our creative process involves the marriage of new technologies with artisanal processes.

Our creative process

All our creations come from recent NASA data.
We create from this information a mold using 3D printers. This process makes it possible to have a creation reproducing with high precision the topography of the lunar surface.
With this mold, we cast a plaster model. This is where the artistic dimension comes into play: each piece is sanded and finished by hand.
The plaster we use is a durable, healthy, high quality material, contributing to a better reproduction of details.

We would love to have you help!

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1495 Villers-la-ville


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