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What if we could touch the moon?

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Apollo 11
Landing site

Have in your hands the site where, for the first time,

the man put his foot down.
Our most iconic Moonframe.

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A Moonframe between shadow and light

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Everything is done on a human scale in our workshops in Belgium. Each creation is cast and finished by hand. We design our molds from A to Z and use high quality plaster to maintain maximum detail.

NASA data

Our creations are faithful representations of the lunar relief. Each crater, each relief, is the exact reflection of the lunar topography. After 1 year of work, we managed to make the best use of NASA data to create this unique decoration.


Although we always have our heads turned towards the sky, we keep our feet on the ground...
We take special care to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable product.


Our workshops are in Belgium and we only use local products.


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All our creations come from recent NASA data. We create from this information a mold using 3D printers. This process makes it possible to have a creation reproducing with high precision the topography of the lunar surface. With this mold, we cast a plaster model. This is where the artistic dimension comes into play: each piece is sanded and finished by hand. The plaster we use is a durable, healthy, high quality material, contributing to a better reproduction of details.

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